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Cheap Flight to UK

England is a popular destination for people who are looking to visit a developed country whether for a leisure purpose or business purpose to be specific and there are many great places to visit for people who are interested in some history as well as class.

What is so popular about England?

It has many great cities like Manchester, Cambridge and oxford etc.Cities like Cambridge and oxford have educational significance too oxford university and Cambridge is one of the top universities in the world.

The city also boasts about Victorian funicular railway, restaurants, and theatres like Edwardian palace theatre which hold a historical significance too. The weather in England is temperate maritime climate and the weather keeps on changing. In winter temperatures rarely pull above 90 degrees and the rainfall is plentiful and the driest months are May, September and October.

When is the best time to visit UK?

The best time to fly to England is July, august and October in every year. The country generally allows visitors all year round but finding tickets in the time of Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a bit difficult so it is advised to book flights prior to the holiday season if you are planning to leave with family or friends.

The airlines which fly mainly to England are virgin Atlantic, British airways, air New Zealand, delta, air India etc.Some popular places in England and the price range of flights are listed below:-


The best time to fly to Birmingham is from May to September as during this time Birmingham is blessed with more sun and warmer weather and for this part of the year you need to book flights in advance.

Specialty of Birmingham

If you are visiting around Christmas then visiting the German market is a good idea and in order to get the best deals make sure you can book the flights a month prior to your visit. The historical culture of Birmingham has been attracting tourists from worldwide, so you can get a taste of history here.


Liverpool is one of the biggest cities of England and it grew majorly in the18th and 19th centuries.

Specialty of Liverpool

It is clearly a powerhouse of trade and industry which is why it is visited too often for business purposes. It also has historical significance and is also popular for its music and artists from around the globe visit this place to deliver performances in music venues.

The climate in Liverpool remains the hottest in the months of July and august and January and February are the coolest months whereas rainfall occurs throughout the year.

The best time to visit Liverpool is September.


Being the capital city London has all the ingredients of being the perfect holiday destination where always new fashion trends emerge and the markets are filled with cool stuff.

Specialty of LONDON

Places like Buckingham palace, London Bridge are great holiday spots and the city is also popular for its museums and big Ben and the parliament too.

London is mostly cool and the months like July and august are the warmest months and the rains are heavy in the great Britain. Flights can be booked around and the tourists come there all year around flights are heavily booked all year around. It has places like the London bridge, big ben, Buckingham palace etc to it disposal which have attracted tourists from years and has clearly contributed to the country’s economy too.


Leeds is an important pace in England and the University of Leeds is also famous for its education, it is a bit chaotic abut is a great place for shopping and dining for people who are interested in some street fashion and snacks.

Specialty of Leeds

Leeds is crowded by students and is a great place for people shopping for cheap stuff in London and also gets you to take the taste to the countryside.

The above mentioned four cities are the popular laces visited in England but there are also other places in England which is frequented by people very often for tourist as well as business purposes. So get your tickets wisely and visit this country!

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